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An Offer

Air conditioning, ventilation, heating, smoke exhaust, dedusting.
A comprehensive support of construction projects within the domain of sanitation systems.

  • Sanitary installations

    KLIMAT SOLEC is one of the most important domestic producers of sanitary installations: for ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, dust and smoke removal. The above elements are crucial to any building designs.

    The diversity of buildings encourages an individual approach of designers and contractors in relation to the search for innovative solutions when it comes to sanitary installations. When matching a sanitary system to the requirements of a specific building, it is necessary to first determine the building’s purpose and the technology in which the building will be constructed.

    KLIMAT SOLEC offers its clients individual and optimized technical solutions in the field of sanitary installation which are used in different buildings: such as service and office buildings, as well as very complicated industrial, laboratory and medical facilities.


  • Ventilation

    KLIMAT SOLEC delivers ventilation systems for various facilities, including hospitality, catering, sporting, recreational, laboratory, military, office, industrial and health care facilities. In these buildings, we install comfort ventilation, process ventilation, emergency ventilation and fire ventilation systems.

    KLIMAT SOLEC delivers ventilation systems of all types – from simple natural ventilation to complex mechanical ventilation and air conditioning. Apart from the regular air exchange, depending on the configuration, the systems perform the functions of air purification, heating, cooling, humidification and/or drying. Owing to such a wide range of solutions, we are able to meet any requirements put forward by investors.

    What is more, we equip our systems with high-performance modules that recover heat from vented air and with controls for variable flows of ventilated air. As a result, systems delivered by KLIMAT SOLEC are characterised by very low operating costs.

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  • Air conditioning

    KLIMAT SOLEC delivers both comfort air conditioning and process air conditioning systems. These two systems come with direct evaporation equipment (freon systems with Split, Multi Split and VRF air conditioning units and condensing units feeding freon coolers) or with indirect water- or glycol-cooling equipment (ice water systems feeding fan-coils, water/glycol coolers and process equipment).

    We also offer systems with adjustable cooling performance and variable ice water flows. As a result, the installations we deliver are characterised by very low operating costs. In facilities with higher requirements, we install drying and humidification systems.

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  • Heating

    KLIMAT SOLEC delivers all types of heating systems – simple and complex – intended for radiator heating, underfloor heating and process heat (both ventilation and process equipment) installations. Depending on the needs, the heating medium used in the systems we deliver is water, glycol or steam. In the case of steam-based systems, the heating medium is additionally used for the humidification of ventilated air.

    On top of that, KLIMAT SOLEC provides heat sources in the form of heat transfer stations; gas, oil and solid-fuel fired water boilers; air-to-water, air-to-air and brine-to-water heat pumps.This offer is complemented with ground heat sources for heat pumps (e.g. ground probes and collectors), solar systems, glycol-based systems recovering heat from the ventilated air released outside buildings, systems recovering condensing heat from the air conditioning and cooling equipment, and systems recovering heat from the process equipment (e.g. from cooling systems in injection moulding machines or from air compressors).

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  • Smoke removal

    KLIMAT SOLEC manufactures mechanic smoke removal systems for buildings serving various purposes: underground garages, commercial facilities and public buildings. KLIMAT SOLEC manufactures single-zone as well as multi-zone smoke removal systems. The advantage of using KLIMAT SOLEC is the fact that single-zone systems are manufactured using the smoke removal ducts of the kZO type with the fire resistance class E600 120(ho)S 1500 single, marketed under the brand KLIMAT PRO.

    KLIMAT SOLEC installs smoke removal installations designed according to different systems. They consist of single-function systems designed to only remove the smoke and bi-functional systems. The bi-functional systems operate as exhaust units in their daily operation, while in the event of a fire they serve as smoke removal devices. When equipping the systems with smoke removal devices, KLIMAT SOLEC co-operates only with reputable manufacturers.

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  • Dust removal

    KLIMAT SOLEC installs dust removal systems in buildings where, as a result of different manufacturing processes, pollutants of various kinds and particularly dust are generated.

    The dust removal systems, depending on the type of transported dust, are made with different sheet thickness, selected to enable the investor to achieve the optimum investment input and to guarantee the necessary durability of the system. Depending on the needs, the systems are made out of different materials such as black steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet and acid resistant steel sheet.

    The sheets might be joined together with flanges or quick connectors. In order to treat the dust polluted air, KLIMAT SOLEC uses mechanic dust removers such as cyclones, filtering cyclones and filtering and ventilation devices.

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  • Modernisation

    The modernization of existing HVAC installations is a new and rapidly growing sector of activity for KLIMAT SOLEC. Increasing energy costs encourage the investors and end users to pay greater attention to low operational costs.

    The adopted solutions and HVAC installation’s execution standards have a significant impact on energy consumption.To meet customers’ requirements, KLIMAT SOLEC analyses existing solutions and using its long-standing experience proposes their optimization.

    The scope of optimization is always adjusted to the individual customer’s requirements and the proposed solutions are supported by a thorough, multi-faceted technical and economic analysis.

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  • Automation

    KLIMAT SOLEC provides full automation of the projects we deliver, including in particular: automation – air conditioning units, air handling units, heat transfer stations, boiler houses, ice water stations, exhaust fans, smoke-venting systems, garage ventilation with appropriate detectors, battery charging stations, Building Management Systems (BMS), I&C substations, and electrical distribution boards. In addition, KLIMAT SOLEC offers modernisation services of existing automation systems aimed at improving the use of the existing installations. The company also performs expert analyses of existing automation systems (in the HVAC domain only).

    KLIMAT SOLEC provides automation and detection equipment for explosive atmospheres (e.g. fireproof cables used for smoke-venting control).

    The company's offer has been extended with a new innovative brand  Wayy. It provides full monitoring and management of HVAC systems, thereby reducing facility maintenance costs.

    For more information, see below Wayy System Automation.


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  • Wayy System Automation

    Wayy offers comprehensive and flexible solutions for automatic control engineering, connecting usability with innovative design. Our new brand provides full monitoring and management of HVAC systems, thereby reducing facility maintenance costs.

    Wayy products – collecting temperature, humidity and pressure data and ability to control them through advanced controller and touch panel.

    Mywayy system – effective system management from any place connected to the Internet. The ability to set the most efficient system parameters. 


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  • Servicing

    Owing to their considerable complexity, ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure their prolonged and efficient operation. In order to guarantee the correct operation of ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment, KLIMAT SOLEC Service Department carries out warranty and post–warranty inspections, one–time service visits, and on–going comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

    Our Service Department provides our clients with countrywide technical support. The on–going maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems guarantees their proper functioning, which directly translates into lowered operation costs and prolonged life cycle of system components.

    Appropriate maintenance of individual system components provides energy savings, improves air quality and minimises the presence of fungi, allergens or bad smell. Our Service Department has received authorisations, certifications and references to install, service and repair the equipment of many world–renowned brands.

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  • Production

    KLIMAT PRO is a new brand launched by KLIMAT SOLEC, offering a wide range of ventilation products:

    - smoke venting elements,
    - rectangular elements,
    - circular elements,
    - flexible ducts,
    - roof and wall elements,
    - acoustic silencers,
    - dampers,
    - end pieces,
    - ventilation hoods,
    - complementary elements.

    KLIMAT PRO provides reliable products of the highest quality. The products undergo detailed examination and testing, which ensure that they are up to our high standards. KLIMAT PRO delivers components for a great variety of facilities, including: shopping malls, water parks, hotels and restaurants, but also utilities, health care institutions, pharmacy and chemical industry buildings, production sites, printing houses, and silos.

    Being committed to the preservation of natural environment, KLIMAT PRO has a rigorous environmental policy. We make every effort to reduce the number of potential pollutants released to the environment. We cut down on the quantity of used operating and production materials by recycling them. Finally, we save energy by using suitable power consumption management systems.

    Find more on: www.klimat-pro.en

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